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A Practical Gudie to HD-CCTV Wiring

PRESS RELEASE - A Practical Guide to HD-CCTV


Analogue to Digital HD-CCTV – Fairfax Electronics’ comprehensive “inside” on how to upgrade the right way for the future!

Fairfax Electronics’ latest White Paper make understanding the latest HD-CCTV technology so much easier. How to upgrade your existing technology for full HD resolution to suit your budget and needs from today well into the future makes perfect sense.

Understanding HD-CCTV technology, so it makes sense

Understanding the real practical differences between CVI – TVI – AHD – SDI – EX/SDI – IP Megapixel is made easy. Recognizing the difference between ANOLOGUE and DIGITAL HD-CCTV systems, how they work, differ in image quality and how you can upgrade your current system using the appropriate technology is clear.

Everything you need to know about upgrading existing analogue signals via frequencies that allow HD (High Definition) using technologies such as CVI, TVI and AHD are covered. Upgrading your existing system to technologies such as SDI, EX/SDI and IP Megapixel that uses digital transmission is also covered. Seeing that SDI and EX/SDI were specifically developed to provide Broadcast quality HD-CCTV over Coaxial Cable Infrastructures is no longer a blur.

Learn how to find the right technology for your needs!  

You’ll learn how to choose which Analogue HD-CCTV technology, whether it’s CVI, TVI or AHD, is best for your needs as well as which Digital HD-CCTV Technology, SDI – EX/SDI – IP Megapixel (pr lp) will give you the best results.

SDI and now EX/SDI are my favorite choice. Now that EX/SDI has hit the market 90% of the upgrades, with copper coaxial cable, can be adopted with EX/SDI. They are cost effective, offer clear DAY/NIGHT images at 2.0 Megapixel and are TRUE BROADCAST QUALITY.” Says Fairfax CEO Paul Ramos.

As well as this practical and comprehensive information, Fairfax Electronics covers in-depth, various scenarios making crystal clear, which system up-grade strategies might be best for your client, covering their HD-CCTV requirements well into the future.

Finally Fairfax Electronics provides a “worksheet” so you wont be confused any longer about what cable works and when.

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